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    Operations, Commemorative Air Force
    TerreHaute Air Fair
    Executive Director, Wings Over Houston
    President, Mach 1 Productions


    Tora Leader
    ICAS ACE Performer
    President, Aerospace America International Air show
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"Smartest Move I Made: Hiring airboss Ralph Royce.  Ralph brings a package of professional expertise, contacts and cooperativeness which makes him 'numero uno' in the air show biz.  Bottom line: We put the whole show together during a three day period at the ICAS convention.  Anyone trying the build an AF air show who doesn’t hire Ralph and go to the ICAS convention is, to put it mildly, DUMB!"
– Lt. Col Keith Bartsch, Maxwell AFB Air Show Director

"As one of the nation’s foremost authorities on aerial event planning and air show production, your expertise and experience were critical to the success of our most complex aviation events.  Your superb guidance and flawless performance as Air Boss for the USAF 50th Anniversary Golden Air Tattoo, Thunder Over Louisville and the Offutt AFB Open House ensured safe, professional and dynamic aerial displays appropriately honoring our Golden Legacy.  We salute your dedicated and selfless efforts to preserve our aviation heritage. Thank you!"
– General Michael E. Ryan Chief of Staff USAF   

"Ralph has it all.  He is the “Best of the Best”, truly the TOP GUN of Airbosses"
– AeroShell Aerobatic Team

"You are world-class!  Once again, thank you for running the Randolph Air Force Base 75th Anniversary Air Show in an exemplary manner."
– Col. John W Hesterman III 12th FTW/CC

"Your air boss expertise directly lead to making Northern Neighbors Day a huge success for the Base and members of the Surrounding community."
– Col. Julian Tolbert 5th BW/CV

"I am always amazed at the way you bring order, SAFETY, and a good time to air operations.  You are #1 in my book.  Thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail."
– Col. Eldon Woodie, Commander 5BW

"Your professionalism and emphasis on safety greatly enhanced the success of our show.  I am extremely appreciative of your participation and dedication and hope to see you again at future air shows.  Thanks, Boss"
– BG John N. T. Shanahan  Commander 55th Wing

"Your expertise and Command and Control of the event was evident throughout the show and during the daily brief.  Thank you for your total professionalism and well balanced sense of humor."
– Col. Gary B. Goldstone, Commander 375th AMW 

"Great Leadership! Thanks for the superb execution…without a safety incident."  
– Col Alan Hunt, Commander 375th Airlift Wing

"Your direction and leadership were the principal contributing factors to a successful completion of our air show."
– RAdm  D. R. Morris, Chief of Naval Air Training

"I highly recommend Ralph for his experience, his vast knowledge, and his ability to work well with all levels of air show staffing."
– Ron Gumm, Chairman Coastal Carolina Airshow

"I believe it was Billy Mitchell who said 'flexibility is the key to air power success,' and you exemplified that on Saturday.  The way you managed to bring all the arriving aircraft in and still run a weather-altered show was just amazing.  I’ll make sure my successor knows that if he wants the best, he needs to contact you."
– Maj. Susan Washington, Executive Director McGuire AFB Open House

"You run a GREAT show! You were a big part of developing, coaching and standing up this team.  Thanks for all the help."
– T-6A Texan II West Coast Demo Team

"Just wanted to tell you again what a great job you did at Wings.  You are the best AIR BOSS I have ever had the pleasure of flying for."
– Air Vice Marshall Ron Dick RAF

"There is nothing like having a friend in the 'business' – and we couldn’t have a better friend than you. You are always ready to do whatever it takes to make the show a success.  Aircraft - you send them. Acts – you arrange them.  As an air boss you set the standard to which others aspire.  Problems come and you solve them.  We ask and we receive."
– Jack Amuny Managing Director Wings over Houston

"The teamwork and unparalleled attention to detail you put into each and every aspect of the show were inspiring to witness and the result was clearly the finest air show I have experienced in my 33 years of service.  Thanks again for serving as the 75th anniversary air boss."
– General William R. Looney III, AETC Commander


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