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  • ICAS Sword of Excellence

  • Lloyd P. Nolen Lifetime Achievement in Aviation award

  • ICAS Special Achievement Award (twice)

  • USAF Recruiting Service Appreciation Award

  • Confederate Air Force Airman’s Medal for Valor

  • Confederate Air Force Distinguished Service Award

  • Confederate Air Force Letter of Commendation

  • City of Galveston Mayor’s Public Service Award

  • City of Houston Dedicated Service and Outstanding Achievement Certificate



HOUSTON (January 21, 2009) – The International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) recently presented Ralph Royce with its most prestigious award, the 2008 Sword of Excellence, which recognizes outstanding service, individual achievement and personal contributions to the air show industry.  Royce’s numerous achievements include his role as air show operations instructor, a keen commitment to air show safety and his active involvement in numerous air show sponsoring organizations across the country.  Additionally, Royce was cited for his role as an effective liaison between the air show industry and the Federal Aviation Administration.  Royce has been a Board Member of the Ron Carter Wings Over Houston Airshow for 24 years and serves as its Air Boss, responsible for all flying activities in the event.

A resident of Dickinson, Royce has been associated with the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston since 1991, serving as its President until his retirement in 2006.  He has served as the president of the Texas Aviation Hall of Fame, Executive Director of the Commemorative Air Force, Chairman of the ICAS Safety Committee and is now a partner in AirPros, an aviation event management company.   

“I am fortunate to have experienced a full corporate career and to have retired to an industry that I truly love,” said Ralph Royce.  “Air shows help keep aviation history alive.  It’s great to see grandparents sharing stories with their children - and grandchildren - about flying a B-17, or dads showing their kids a war bird and the relevance of the aircraft in history.”  







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Ralph Royce
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